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Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm PST
friday, saturday and sunday, not a big storm system, but a few waves of energy that will not be enough that we can see a few rain drops into the up coming weekend. we get sun in by the afternoon. >> not too bad at all. >> well, coming up. the hiv break through, it's making headlines around the world. >> in a promising break through, stanford scientists have developed hiv resistent cells, they cut and paste resistent genes in to the infected virus, it destroyed the cells and prevented them from moving into the rest of the system. >>> let's check in with the newsroom, see what is happening there. >> thanks guys, the warriors welcomed one of the best teams in the nba to oracle, and it came down to the line, we have the highlights. and two months after san francisco celebrated a world series, the 49ers are two weeks away from possibly their own parade. how they kicked off the final leg for the quest for six, next in sports. >> ahmed fareed from the sports desk. the sexual assault allegations of michael crabtree is not holding up under investigation. the police have not found evidence of an
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
fuel that chance of showers. it is creating a very complex weather situation in the upper level energy. what you should know, temperatures will cool off tomorrow. we'll keep that chance of showers and it will have a little bit of a sub tropical feel. so increasing humidity through the forecast. what will this mean? widespread cloud cover. we cannot even rule out the chance here of a chance of showers here for the greater bay area as we start off tomorrow. also very cloudy. as we continue throughout the day, it looks like that more skin rainfall will start to develop by the noon hour. into the afternoon and slowly start to push to the south. again, the forecast models have had an extremely tough time with this. just be prepared with that umbrella with the best chance of couples laigt rainfall into the north bay. for tomorrow, we'll start with 41 in santa rosa. it will feel like the heater is on outside because it hasn't been that warm in so long. 46 in san jose and 44 in los gatos. for your wednesday, keep that umbrella handy as we've been mentioning. that chance of showers remaining in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2